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Cllr McShane claims “hours” of recording connected to £20m hotel Plans

Causeway Coast & Glens Borough  Council (CCGBC), Councillor Padraig McShane, has claimed that he made recordings of conversations with officials which were connected to the legal challenge of a £20m hotel planned for Portstewart.

Mr McShane said he had “hours” of recordings made by what he described as an “electronic device”

Cllr McShane

The CCGBC is now requesting an order which would require Mr McShane, who was on the planning committee which gave the green light to the hotel plans, to hand over the recordings and relevant material. The ruling is expected on this next week.

MLA Jim Alastair has already challenged the council over the £20m hotel plans and was granted a judicial review, but with the latest revelations by Mr McShane after his submission of a sworn affidavit to both the Attorney General and N.I. Public Service Ombudsman, has put Mr Alastair’s challenge on hold. The North Antrim MLA owns a holiday home close to the planned hotel which would see him over look the hotel if it is built.

Jim Alastair QC – North AntrimMLA

At a hearing on Friday 14th December, when asked about the existence  of these recordings, Mr McShane claimed to Mr Justice McCloskey that “hours” of recordings existed and that “there is substantial more on the recordings that impact on other things”.

At the same hearing on Friday a council lawyer confirmed that CCGBC are seeking Mr McShane’s recordings. Mr Justice McCloskey adjourned the case till next week due to no lawyer present on behalf of Mr McShane.

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