The FUSE Centre, Ulster-Scots Community Hub

The FUSE Centre, Ulster-Scots Community Hub is located in the Heart of the main shopping area in Ballymoney and provides the ideal location for the Association to deliver a number of our charitable purposes.

The Centre has free parking nearby and is the perfect location to learn about Ulster-Scots, from Language to Music and Culture in the Central Speaking Zone. 

The Centre offers various activities which are aimed at different age groups,  the lads and lassies cater for disadvantaged children under the age of 16 who benefit from learning about their culture alongside after schools clubs.

The Centre provides Language classes in Ulster-Scots both in the centre and at various schools across Northern Ireland.  We provide Students the opportunities to complete OCN Level 1 and OCN Level 2 in Ulster-Scots.

We have established a seniors group called ‘oor ain folk’ who meet every Monday and take part in various activities from arts and crafts, local poetry writing in Ulster-Scots, alongside dancing and heritage projects in the local area. We have traditional knitting and crochet classes on Friday’s and the learning helps ensure that the home industry crafts continue in the area.

The Fuse Centre provides the main learning zone for traditional Ulster-Scots music in the area, with a wide variety of classes being taught.  Students can take part in Tin Whistle, Fiddle, Accordion alongside other traditional  instruments such as Ukelele, Bodhran and Dulcimer.   We can also signpost students to other instrument tuition such as silver flute.  These classes take place during the week, with our own folk group meeting every Wednesday.

While delivering Ulster-Scots activities, we are very much part of the wider north Antrim Community life,  not only by providing Ulster-Scots in the area, but by helping deliver a number of large community events such as the Bloody Hutchinson Festival and working in partnership with the local chamber of commerce to deliver Town Centre activities and events, with the aim of promoting community relations and improving the amount of activities and increasing shared space within Ballymoney. 

Scottish Country Dancers, Ballymoney Spring Fair 2019