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FUSE FM Ballymoney  65 Main Street Ballymoney Co-Antrim BT53 6AN 028 276 68897
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Key Commitments

Character Of Service

fUSe FM provides a broadcasting service reflecting the traditions, language and culture of Ulster Scots. The station provides a truly local radio service for the Ulster Scots community and the wider population of Ballymoney and the surrounding areas, providing entertainment, education and information for the community, from the community.


•fUSe FM features the voices of local people from the Ballymoney and wider Ulster Scots community in the North Antrim area of Northern Ireland.

•fUSe FM has a diverse range of speech based programming including programming to facilitate the promotion and showcasing of the local Ulster Scots talent.

•Speech content includes local news, ‘What’s on’ information, documentary and local history programmes, interviews, phone in discussions, studio debates, community messages and input from listeners by text and email. Speech based programming includes interviews for example with local Ulster Scots personalities, Ulster Scots artists/musicians, and local Ballymoney people/community groups; features such as Ulster Scots storytelling and poetry, and the promotion of local community events and wider Ulster Scots events across Northern Ireland.

•Music forms a large part of the output, with Ulster Scots music and specialist music programmes for example jazz, blues, charts, 80s-00s, country, classic rock, soul and classical music. Live broadcasts will occasionally feature output from local music venues and Ulster Scots festivals.

•Daytime programmes are mostly live and locally produced, with some automation during off peak times and overnight. Some specialist music programmes and local events may be pre-recorded.

•Studio location: this is in the proposed coverage area.

Social Gain and Other Commitments

•fUSe FM provides a platform for dialogue and discussion.

•As well as an outlet for Ulster Scots cultural, linguistic and artistic Scots expression, fUSe FM provides an outlet for the Ulster Scots community to promote their work and educate those in the area about Ulster Scots culture and traditions.

• Through links with jobcentres, schools, colleges and businesses, employment opportunities are publicised on a regular basis.

Participation in Service

•The fUSe FM directors and management committee ensure the station’s open door policy is implemented for those wishing to be involved with the station.

•The management committee engages with the various Ulster Scots groups and wider community/voluntary sector to encourage active engagement

•Audience engagement is at the core of daily and weekly scheduling – with time given to audience interactivity and audience participation including a cross section of the local community taking into account age, gender, culture etc.

•The community as a whole is encouraged to take part in fUSe FM for example as programme contributors, programme makers, presenters or in some other capacity on a voluntary basis. Volunteering opportunities are a key part of the service.

Access to Facilities and Training

•fUSe FM’s facilities may be used by groups wishing to acquire the necessary skills to communicate effectively through radio. Broadcast training courses are provided to members of the local community, and are promoted on air and through the station website.

•fUSe FM operates a work experience scheme four times a year


•The station’s Management Committee and associated audience advisory panel/sub-committee (made up of members of the public) are mechanisms to ensure accountability to the target community.

•Comments and opinions are welcomed through a variety of avenues, including by phone, email, the station website and through a local steering group/sub-committee established to gather opinion. Feedback from the community is considered by station management in the first instance, and then referred to the Board.

•Annual surveys involving a representative sample of listeners ask for feedback regarding the station’s performance, the results of which are published on the station's website and mentioned on air.

•The station has in place complaints and grievance procedures which are available on the station’s website.