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PSNI issue warning over ‘urban legends’ of chalk markings on homes

There has been an increasing amount of stories and reports from members of the public to the PSNI regards to various symbols and markings that have appeared on or around the proximity of their homes.

The PSNI have now issued the following warning to the public warning all may not be what it seems

“The urban legends suggest they are left by criminals to identify potential targets for burglary.

While we can’t explain every marking found on a specific house or indeed the proximity of the house marked to a public area, it’s important to remember that facts can be distorted, lost or even embellished with the retelling of each incident.

Most of us have heard of these markings appearing on the house of a friend of a friend or the cousin of your hairdressers next door neighbour. How many of us actually know the person it’s alleged to have happened to or saw clear recognisable pictures of the house and marking?

Sometimes in our albeit well intentioned haste to warn others of a potential threat, we don’t always consider the validity & source of the information we are sharing.”

The PSNI have also released the filling image to allay some fears over these markings.

FUSE FM Webmaster